Battle for Rookie Of The Year: Pelicans-Grizzlies Recap


The top two players of the 2019 NBA Draft did not disappoint Monday night. 

The Pelicans won 109-99. This was a big game for the Pelicans because they started the NBA Bubble 0-2. They are currently 2.5 games behind the 8th seed and are looking towards the playoffs. 

The first half was all New Orleans as they started off hot and pushed the pace on the floor. They were very aggressive on the defensive end as well. At halftime, Brandon Ingram had 12 points and Grayson Allen had 17 for the Grizzlies. The 17 points for Allen was the most points he has had since April 10th, 2019 when he scored 40 points. 

Looking at the head to head matchup between Zion and Ja Morant at halftime, Zion played a lot better than Morant. Zion had 11 points and shot 45% from the field. Ja on the other hand, had 6 points and hot 33% from the field. 

At the start of the second half, the Grizzlies came out on fire. They controlled the pace of the game, and it looked like the Pelicans were not trying as hard. Zion seemed tired the second half as he was slacking on defense letting Jarrett Jackson Jr. score 6 straight points. Brandon Ingram was shooting lights out and making it known why he should be Most Improved Player. He finished the game with 24 points and 7 rebounds.

At the end of the game, Zion was put back in at 4:29 left to play in the 4th quarter to continue the Pelican’s push. He finished the game with 23 points and 7 rebounds. Ja finished with 11 points and 8 assists.

The Pelicans play again Thursday against the Kings. The Grizzlies play Wednesday against the Jazz.

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