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Battle at Bristol Review


To start, the prediction in the preview post was wrong. Tennessee was the better team all game except for maybe 12 minutes, and it was a runaway.

My keys to the game proved to be crucial though, Dobbs shower mobility and on large part rolled over the Hokies defense. Evans showed mobility too and got out of sticky situations. Virginia Tech had a lot of turnovers, which I noted they couldn’t afford to do and it cost them. The Hokies contained Hurd and Dobbs as well as showing good coverage and looked great early.

The game did break the attendance record, setting the new mark of 156,990 and fit its billing as college footballs biggest ever. Rocky Top blared through the stadium many a time.

Tennessee showed their true form this week I believe, and more games will be played out like this (the positives) as opposed to against Appalachian State. Tech showed that they have potential, but still need to improve.

Legends for both schools were at the game, Peyton Manning for Tennessee, Bruce Smith, Michael Vick, and Frank Beamer for Virginia Tech. The half time show ended with a display of American pride. Both crowds stayed loud throughout, and Tennessee fans left happy.

The game had a great atmosphere, especially before first kickoff. The stadium was full of fans of both teams, but more so Tennessee. 

Both teams played a physical game, but Tennessee was better overall. Tennessee will look to continue showing dominance and Virginia Tech will look to improve.

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