Paul George: Interest in LA “Overstated”

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Oklahoma City Forward Paul George downplayed his long talks about interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers next off-season. "People saying I want to come here, who doesn't want to play for their hometown? That's a dream come true, if you're a kid growing up on the outskirts … Continue reading Paul George: Interest in LA “Overstated”

NBA Draft Day Rumor and Trade Tracker

The NBA saw a crazy pick swap between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers on Monday, and we may be in for more craziness tonight as the NBA Draft commences. Rumors surrounding stars such as Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and Kristaps Porzingis are driving the league up a wall and creating drama that will surely … Continue reading NBA Draft Day Rumor and Trade Tracker

UDFA Signing Tracker

The 2017 NFL Draft is over and now it is time for the teams to fill up on undrafted free agents. All signings will be documented here. Refresh your browser for the latest updates. The Detroit Lions sign Storm Norton, OL, Toledo The Dallas Cowboys sign Lucas Wacha, LB, Wyoming The Miami Dolphins sign Jamal Carter, S, Miami The Detroit Lions sign Michael Rector, WR, Stanford The Houston Texans sign Eli … Continue reading UDFA Signing Tracker

2017 NFL Draft: Day 2 Live Pick-By-Pick Results

2017 NFL Draft

April 26, 2017: A Dark Day in Sports Journalism

ESPN has ran with this moniker of "The World Wide Leader in Sports" for what seems like, well, forever. One would think that ESPN valued all sports equally, right? Prepare to be amazed. The "World Wide Leader" went on a damn purge Wednesday, firing writers and on screen personalities left and right. The hardest hit … Continue reading April 26, 2017: A Dark Day in Sports Journalism