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After putting quarterback Josh McCown on season ending IR. Cleveland Browns had a choice to make on who to start between Austin Davis and Johnny Manziel. Today the team made the decision, naming Davis the starter for Sunday game vs in state rival Cincinnati Bengals. Davis stepped in for McCown, when he got hurt playing the rest of the game vs Baltimore Ravens. Davis is in his forth season in the league playing last season with St Louis Rams.

In the preseason games and regular season game, he has played this season, Davis did not look like the quarterback that could lead a franchise. Davis did have a couple of good throws, moving the team down the field. He does not have a lot of experance in starting games, unlike Manziel. Davis is the type of guy that can start when your starter goes down and give you average numbers.

Last season with St Louis Rams, when Davis stepped in for Sam Bradford when Bradford went down for the season. Davis showed potential that he could be a solid backup quarterback at best. Not really a starting quarterback that could lead a team into the future. It does not help when Davis was an undrafted rookie, and nobody signed him for two years before Rams signed him to backup Bradford.

With Davis starting right now, the experiment of Manziel in Cleveland right now is in doubt to be over. Even though Manziel did not work out in Cleveland, the guy is still a great quarterback. Manziel would be better in a situation like New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers or Philadelphia Eagles. A place where the team is desperate for a franchise quarterback. Somewhere where Manziel can start all over again on his NFL career. Out of all of the teams listed Eagles would make the most sense. Since the team has an offense that would work for him, the team has the read option something that he can use to his advantage really well. The team is looking to upgrade at quarterback as well.

The Browns made a wrong decision starting Davis over Manziel. Davis does not give the team the best chance to win right now, Manziel does. Even though Manziel has been in the media as of late, and the team probably does not want him playing because of that. The team should just forgive Manziel, give him one last chance since the team picked him with the first round pick. Davis is a good backup but he is not the long term answer right now as it seems in Cleveland.




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