Austin Aries Released By WWE


In a shocking turn of events, the WWE has released rising Cruiserweight star Austin Aries. Aries has not wrestled since Extreme Rules, as he went up against Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship. He then went on to lose, and has been taking time off since in order to rest some nagging injuries.

During his wrestling career, Aries has held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once, the ROH Tag Team Championship once, the ROH World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the TNA X Division Championship six times. Before coming to the WWE, Aries made his name known within TNA and ROH, impressing everyone with his ability to work the microphone and cut a convincing promo.

Aries is a superb technical wrestler, considering he knows how to use a lot of submissions in his skill set. He also knows how to adapt to his opponent’s wrestling style, but he is mainly a wrestler who is not scared to perform high-risk moves.

On the WWE’s side of things, unless this is just part of the storyline, and Aries does ultimately come back this Sunday at Great Balls Of Fire to confront Neville after his match, this is a poor move by the company. Aries has been red-hot since healing from his eye injury and joining the Cruiserweight division. A lot of wrestling fans were supporting him, and he had the right buildup to eventually win the title off of Neville.

Yes, Neville is a great champion, but Aries deserved a lot more than just losing over and over in his hunt for the belt. The Cruiserweight division may have been a wrong choice to place Aries within, and he has proven over and over that he has the potential to be great in the main event card and put on some spectacular matches.

On Aries’ side of things, this could lead to greater things for him. In the WWE, he was not being used to his full potential. There is a good chance that the company had nothing planned for him, so if that is the case, Aries made the right decision by parting ways.

When it comes to WWE fans around the world, this is a sad day for most. When Aries arrived in NXT, a majority of fans were excited to see him compete in the company. With the talent Aries has, it is going to be difficult for the fans to replace him. If this is just a part of the potential aforementioned storyline, fans will eventually be able to breathe.

With Aries no longer in the WWE, what is next for Aries, and where will he compete next? There are several companies that would love to acquire the talent of Aries, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, and possibly Progress. Only time will come to see where he ends up, but wherever he does end up, that company will be lucky to have Austin Aries.

Photo Credit: WWE.com

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