Arian Foster Out For The Season

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After missing the first few games with an injury, Arian Foster looked like he was back at full health. Until an MRI revealed after today game that Foster has suffered a torn Achilles, and is going to be out for the rest of the season. Foster has been nagging with injuries that has kept him from staying healthy and productive during the past few seasons.

In three games this season for the Houston Texans, Foster rushed for 104 yards on 45 carries. Despite missing the first few weeks of the season, Foster has been off to a bad start. Being injured did not help at all. After the 2012 season when he rushed for 15 touchdowns, he was never the same. Missing games not being as productive as he was a few years ago only scoring nine touchdowns in the last two seasons.

Even though Foster has been injury prone the past few seasons, he still has value to him. Before getting injured, he was a fast running back knowing how to break through holes with good speed. Foster is a guy if he is healthy is the key that can run for over 1000 yards and 6 or more touchdowns. Staying healthy has been his main concern the past few seasons.

It is a tough break for Foster, another year another injury that is the theme with him as of late. The team has no offensive firepower outside of wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. So this is the last thing the team wants right now, and since he is out for the season it is going to be a long season for Texans offense. Once he is recovered and 100 percent from his injuries, and the team has not moved on from him. Hopefully Foster will be back to his old self in his prime, running all over defenses being the vocal point of the Texans offense.

On the Texans side of things, this is something the team has to think about. Now that he got injured again maybe it is time to move on from him. The odds are the team are going to give Foster the starting job, once he is 100 percent and healthy.  Unless the teams front office believe it is finally time to move on from the running back.



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