Are the Spurs Best in the West? 


With the recent additions of players like LaMarcus Aldridge and David West this past week, fans across the nation aren’t even arguing about if the San Antonio Spurs will make a deeper playoff run next year. The Newest debate around the NBA nation is if the Spurs are the best team in the Western Conference. Here are a few points to argue each case:

Why the Spurs could be better: Bench depth has become one of the biggest factors to a team’s success in recent years. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship this past year, but a part of that is because of the deep depth they had going for them. With bench players like Diaw and West, for example, the Spurs have at least a top 3 bench roster on paper. Whether all those players can hold healthy is another argument, but for now the Spurs’ chances look pretty bright.

Why the Spurs couldn’t be the best: Age is nothing but a number, unless your an older set roster trying to keep up with faster-pace team. Duncan, Parker and Ginoblli are the prime examples of players that struggled in the post season against the Los Angeles Clippers. Whether it’s pure luck that the Clippers slipped by, or if age is taking a toll on the Spurs, I don’t know if signing Aldridge will be enough to call the Spurs the best in the West.

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