Are Part Timers Good or Bad for the WWE?


In the WWE, you have roughly 3 types of wrestlers. You have your Indy darlings, popular indies wrestlers signed to the WWE, homegrown talent, talents who stake their claim to WWE, likely went through a developmental territory, and lately the most prominent, part timers, guys who have big names and draw money but don’t show up as much, and don’t wrestle as much. Some fans hate them, some fans love them, and some just don’t care about them. Some part timers get hate and some get a pass, view Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. Brock takes a lot of flak while fans are just happy to see Taker.

First, we must address why part timers keep showing up. Despite some, or many, hardcore newer age fans hating it, part timers draw in casual fans and even some old fans. Even though you’ll see many people online saying Goldberg can’t wrestle, when he enters on Raw you still hear Goldberg chants. Part timers put butts in seats and bring prominence to the company.

Now to address the problem. Just like the name says, these are part time workers. They’re not there every week. It makes a build up harder, unless they show up more. They wrestle once a month most of the time, at pay-per-view, so you’re not getting as many samples of talent. Making a part timer world champion, you won’t get as active of a champion as you would with a guy who’s there every week.

Now let’s address the benefits. They bring a big match feel with them. Beating one of these part timers is usually an honor as they are booked very strong. The Undertaker, perhaps the most dominant force in sports entertainment history, Brock Lesnar, the beast, ender of the streak, can’t be touched, and Goldberg, the man who, as far as I know, has yet to lose 1 on 1 in WWE, conquered Brock Lesnar (three times), won the Universal Championship in 21 seconds. Beating any of these 3 men is a way to establish the guy or guys WWE chooses to establish. They’re big draws, but this doesn’t benefit the fans as directly but it benefits them in the sense that it benefits the company. The WWE makes more money, and more money means ability to do more things, maybe live events, new network shows, anything. There’s Nostalgia, as WCW fans must love seeing Goldberg at the top. Imagine being 5 and seeing The Undertaker for the first time at Survivor Series in 1990. Now imagine seeing the Deadman return. Many fans can remember some of the classics Brock Lesnar put on with Kurt Angle. They know what Brock can do.

There are arguments for both sides. You can say part timers just take away from the guys who work hard week in and week out. You can also say they bring in money, and make the match feel bigger. So I want to hear your opinions. Arepart timers good or bad?

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