Are Manchester United Fans Overreacting?


Manchester United has made the best start to a new season since their 2012-13 run in which the club won 7, drew 2, and lost 2, totaling 23 points. Even with that, the fans haven’t been impressed with their team’s latest results. Is it justified, or are they pressing the panic button too early?

The Red Devils underwent a loss to Chelsea on Sunday, much to the displeasure of the fans, who strongly criticized their playing style. As of late, it has been a clear disappointment to see Manchester United come up short against the top tier clubs in the league.

United hasn’t had a trinket to ease pressure on themselves in their last four league games, with their misfiring striker Romelu Lukaku failing to find the back of the net as of late, a stat that is not good enough for a £75 million striker.

José Mourinho’s men had an excellent run up until their trip to Liverpool, and ever since, they have been going downhill, managing a mere 4 points. Hence, fans have been alarmed.

The truth is that the 2017-18 season is not as bad as it looks for Manchester United quite yet, and a 1-0 loss on Sunday’s Premier League clash should not cloud our judgement. There should be no shame in losing to the defending champions, who can evidently beat anyone on a good day.

If it wasn’t for Manchester City’s relentless form, fans wouldn’t be panicking quite as much. United is currently in the second position of the league, and at the top of the Champions League.

The club has yet to face their city counterpart in a game which will be very critical in determining their championship credentials. The outcome could mean an extended 11 point lead, a 5 point lead, or no change of lead whatsoever.

A few weeks after the international FIFA break, it will be important to note how the club and its fan base will behave, but surely Manchester United needs a little credit for how they have kick-started the new season.

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