Antonio Brown Traded to Oakland


The merry-go-round that has been Antonio Brown’s potential team has now stopped, with Ian Rapoport confirming via “a source” that Antonio Brown has been traded to the Oakland Raiders. That source just so happens to be Antonio Brown himself.

The now former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout has been critical of the organization throughout the 2018 season and requested a trade after the Steelers did not qualify for the post-season.

According to Rapoport, the Steelers will receive a 3rd round pick along with a 5th round pick from the Raiders. Once Brown hits the west coast, he will re-negotiate a deal that allegedly will see him become one the highest paid wide-receivers in the NFL.

Brown has been prolific for the Steelers during him time in Pittsburgh, with his first regular season touch going for a touchdown off a kick return against Tennessee. Brown has only had 2 seasons in which he has gone for less than 1000 receiving yards, the last of which being in 2012.

Brown has been named as a Pro-Bowl player in 7 seasons throughout his career, whilst also being named an All-Pro player 4 times. With over 11,000 yards and 74 touchdowns to his name, Brown will be the main receiving target for Jon Gruden and Derek Carr out in Oakland.

Picture Credit – Antonio Brown (@AB84)

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