Andrew Miller Joins Yankees Disabled List

It seems like everyone is becoming inured lately. For the New York Yankees, closing pitcher Andrew Miller joins their disabled list with a forearm sprain. It’s quite a disappointment considering he’s been reliable in the later innings as their closer, with assistance by Dellin Betances. 

It is said that Betances is his own prodigy, attempting to develop as the new closer in town. Betances and Miller as a team have been statistically the best when it comes to a duo of relief pitcher. With 97 strike outs in only 58 and 2/3 innings, they are quite a pair and this injury will definitely show its fall-backs by breaking up the dynamic duo. 

Miller himself has struck out 43 batters in 26 innings, creating himself a 1.03 ERA. Nothing official has been said yet about who will replace him, but everyone is sure that Betances is ready to step into the closing role. With the length of Miller’s absence unknown, it will give Betances a chance to step up and come into his own as the new up and coming closer for the Yankees.

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