Alex Rodriguez: Hall of Fame Case


Well, it’s official. Alex Rodriguez will be hanging up his cleats on Friday, August 12th. Ending what has been a remarkable career for more reasons than one. Rodriguez has enjoyed a career of ups and downs. Alex Rodriguez smacked 696 homeruns, 2,086 RBIs and 3,115 hits amongst numerous accolades and accomplishments during his career.

Along the way, Rodriguez has undoubtedly been one of the most polarizing figures in sports. Rodriguez, though, certainly has made legacy impacting mistakes though, as it pertains to his involvement in PED use. These are mistakes that any real baseball fan is aware of. Some have forgiven Rodriguez, while others still are up in arms about it. The controversial career, brings an interesting question. Does Rodriguez belong in the Hall of Fame?

At first glance of Rodriguez statistics, there is no doubt that those numbers SCREAM Hall of Fame. Rodriguez would be a sure fire Hall of Famer, had the controversial PED use not haunted his career. Rodriguez doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself for that, which I’m sure he is aware of and has accepted long ago.

Another man who’s statistics screamed Hall of Fame, was Barry Bonds. Bonds smashed both of the home run records that we look at the most. Bonds would gather 762 home runs, 1996 RBI and a .298 batting average during the course of his, also controversial career. Bonds still hasn’t been elected to the Hall of Fame, after being on the ballot for three years.

The sad thing about Rodriguez, is that he proved that he had the talent to be great without PEDs early in his career. Rodriguez even proved himself last year, when he smacked 33 home runs and 86 RBI at age 40. Let’s not forget the multiple surgeries that Rodriguez also suffered and was forced to overcome.

My prediction, is that Rodriguez WILL be elected to the Hall of Fame, as the baseball society is seemingly opening up to PED use. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, it’s certainly happening.

Rodriguez also has done a great job of redeeming himself and making up for his huge career mistake. When you combine his demeanor and comeback season that he had last season, Rodriguez has improved his chances of being elected.

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