Aldon Smith Continues to Cause Trouble 

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Just one year ago, the NFL decided to ban Aldon Smith for one year due to substance-abuse violation. Along with that, Smith had a track record of breaking rules without a second thought. 

As most players in this circumstance would keep their head low and their noses clean, Smith decided to do just the opposite. 

A video was recently leaked of Smith smoking a hand-rolled joint (marijuana), and the dialogue consisted of wether it was a good idea for him to post this video or not. 

The former 49ers superstar and current Oakland Raiders pass rusher was drafted #7 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. 

Smith reportedly has multiple archived videos on Periscope (source of alleged video), 31 to be exact. The label for this folder? “Fire up session”. 

Smith continues to make the wrong choices and continues to make a fool out of himself. With that being said, the NFL will be investigating into this process, and expect his reinstatement not to go according to plan.  

In his four-year career in the NFL, Smith has recorded 47.5 sacks, as well as 141 total tackles. The Raiders decided to invest into Smith, despite his troubles, by offering him a 2 year, $11.5 million contract back in 2015. 

The Raiders have continued to struggle on the defensive side of thing, including last season. The team ranked 22nd in points allowed per game (24.9), as well as 26th in passing yards allowed per game (258.8). 

Will Aldon Smith be able to clean himself up? Right now, he’s joining a list that included Justin Blackmon, and possibly even Johnny Manziel when it comes to attitude adjustment. 


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