Aldon Smith Arrested Once Again

As if the San Francisco 49ers didn’t take a hard enough hit on the defensive side of the ball this year, troubled linebacker Aldon Smith rubs salt in that wound. Last night, Smith was arrested on hit and run, DUI, and vandalism charges. If you’re keeping score, this is Smith’s third arrest for DUI. At least once a year Smith, it seems that he is in the news, and it’s getting old. Here’s a look into a timeline of Aldon’s behavior.

January, 2012: He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, that was later reduced to reckless driving.

June, 2012: Facing three felony weapon charges, Aldon Smith held a party at his house in which it was reported that several shots had been fired. Smith had been stabbed, and the felony charges were ultimately reduced.

September, 2013: Arrested for DUI after a car accident. He missed five games that season, entered rehab, and was granted a work release in July 2014 for the same incident.

April, 2014: He was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport. Police say he was randomly selected for a second screening, TSA agents say he became uncooperative and started telling them he had a bomb. No charges were filed.

August, 2014: Smith was suspended nine games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, in connection to the September 2013 incident.

August, 2015: Smith arrested for hit and run, DUI, and vandalism.

Because this news is so new, neither the NFL or the 49ers have made any punishments for Smith. I believe that he’s not far from being in a similar position as Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon. The 49ers have supported Smith in the past, GM Trent Baalke even stated last Tuesday that he thought the 49ers should re-sign Smith. 

In fact, back in March, Smith restructured his $9,754,000 deal into bonuses. Under the new deal, he’s set to make $322,150 for each game. Smith is on the team’s 53 man roster, capping at a little over $5,000,000. His newest actions are certainly going to hurt his pocket book this season. As we get more info, we’ll pass it along.

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