AFL Possibly Interested in Johnny Manziel? 

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After being suspended the first four games of the NFL season, it seems like Johnny Manziel’s chances of even getting to play this year are dimming. With that being said, one option Manziel may have is to participate in the AFL (Arena Football League).

According to AFL Commisioner Scott Butera, Manziel would be provided a strong platform and he would be provided with what he needed to live a healthy life. 

Isn’t that ironic considering the spotlight was what got Manziel in trouble in the first place? This seems like an all around bad idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Manziel took this gig for the 2016-17 season. 

According to sources within the NFL, if Manziel did sign with an NFL team, he could be facing more charges such as breaking the personal conduct policy. Manziel still has a domestic dispute in Dallas that is pending currently. 

Reports have it known that the AFL has reached out to Manziel, but he has yet to comment or keep in contact thus far. 

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