Adrian Peterson Won’t Take Carries During Preseason

Months and months of anticipation has gone on for fans around the nation, leaving one question; how productive can Adrian Peterson be for the Minnesota Vikings? With over 10,000 yards to his name, the running back has made it clear that he didn’t wish to continue to be on the Vikings’ roster any longer. 

After weeks of speculation of where Peterson would play in the future, he shocked the world by participating in the Vikings’ OTA meeting. With the script being flipped, everyone now wishes to discuss his fantasy stock, but are we ahead of ourselves? 

It’s heard nowadays that Peterson won’t be rushing the football at all during the preseason, so essentially the team may look to get on the same page with Peterson and his agent during that time. Peterson, in my eyes, will never be the same running back he used to be. 

With his fantasy stock lowered to maybe mid 2nd round, I wouldn’t cash in on the idea of Peterson winning you a fantasy championship this year. In the football world, if I were a Vikings’ fan, I’d be shaking in my boots at the thought of my star player being benched for the entire preseason. 

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