Adrian Neville Reportedly Done With WWE


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Ever since October, Adrian Neville has been nowhere to be found on WWE programming. In January, the company froze his contract and kept him with the industry indefinitely until a release clause was reached. According to Pro Wrestling, Neville is now no longer under contract with the WWE. The company has not confirmed this news.

Starting off in NXT in 2012, Neville quickly became a household name and a favorite among the fans. When he got called up to the main roster, it frustrated fans who wanted to see him do better before joining the Cruiserweight division.

Another reason Neville has become a favorite includes his wrestling style. It consists of high-flying moves and lots of risks. In addition, Neville is a great talker as well. His biggest success came after he became a heel, and it worked out perfectly during his reign as Cruiserweight Champion.

The problems between Neville and the WWE started to unfold during WrestleMania 33 where he defended his title against newcomer Austin Aries. Even though he retained his title, the issue was that the bout was placed as a prelim instead of the main card. On top of that, it was pulled from the show when it came out on DVD in the United States.

Matters got worse last year, as Neville was scheduled to face Enzo Amore in an open challenge for the title, but was replaced last minute by Kalisto, who went on to win the title. After the match happened, it was reported that the last-minute schedule change was due Neville walking out of the arena before the open challenge began. Although there were rumors about Neville returning just a few months ago, the talks fell flat after a while.

When select superstars get cut by the WWE, the wrestler cannot compete with any outside company for the next 90 days. If there is no 90-day clause in Neville’s contract, he could very well appear on “All In” on September 1st, which is an independent wrestling program run by former WWE superstars Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson.  However, if the 90-day clause is in play, expect for Neville to return to either New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring Of Honor in early 2019.

If this is true, the WWE is doing the right thing by letting go of Neville. The two sides have not been on speaking terms, so why waste his talent on the sidelines?


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