A Message to Cam Newton

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It seemed like a foregone conclusion for some fans and media members. It’s Cam Newton. The Carolina Panthers are the best team in the league. They’ll win Super Bowl 50 for sure, and it wont be close.


The Panthers fell to the Denver Broncos 24-10 on Sunday night in Super Bowl 50. What transpired afterwards was seemingly something out of a storybook. Peyton Manning standing on the podium with his second, and most likely last, Super Bowl ring. However, in another place in the stadium, Cam Newton was “attending” a press conference in a Panthers hoodie with the hood up and looking unusually dejected.

I say “attending” because he really just sat there. He sat there, gave a couple one word answers, and left abruptly. You can understand why Cam was upset. He just put everything he had into his football team, and to come up 14 points short would destroy any man.

However, I must address this part before continuing. Cam, even though you probably will never read this because I’m not ESPN or anything like that, I’ll say you definitely could’ve handled that better. The reason so many people are on you is because you inserted yourself into the NFL’s “Golden Boy” deal with the likes of a Manning, Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. You went from dabbing and handing footballs to little kids to looking almost like a crybaby. That’s why your critics also had a small victoy on Sunday.

Now, where do you go from here Cam? How do you shake this loss and prove those critics and haters wrong? I would start by taking Bill Romanowski’s advice and grow up a little. That’s not a knock on you man, but you saw all week how serious the Denver players were. However, you were all “dabs and smiles for all”. That’s not bad, really it isn’t, but when you have all of that swagger and confidence, get beat, and all you can say about Denver is “they did nothing special”, that really makes it seem like your taking away from Denver’s victory and saying that you guys beat yourselves.

All Cam needs to do from here is to remain focused. He got to the Super Bowl, who says he can’t do it again? Next year, the team should be competitive. They are getting Kelvin Benjamin back, who’s regarded as their top receiver. They’ll add some pieces this offseason and should be competitive again. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in Super Bowl 51 in whatever stadium the NFL decides would make them the most money.

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