Part-Timer Wrestlers Are Holding Back The WWE


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Since a few years ago, the WWE’s been allowing legends to get back into the ring and put on a great show or hope that nothing bad happens in the outcome. When the outcome is something good, everyone talks about how they want to see more of it, but in the past few years or longer, the WWE universe haven’t been a fan and it undoubtedly takes the huge opportunity away from the current generation pro wrestlers.

Any time that a young star gets the opportunity to build to their legacy, they want to prove that they are one of the best, it seems that the WWE isn’t huge on any of them, but would rather allow someone who has been inactive from the ring for so long and is seen as someone who didn’t need to do this whatsoever.

Since 2013, the WWE has booked stars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Goldberg to have a world championship run that ended with the ending of it being not worth the hype behind them.

For example, Goldberg defeating Kevin Owens at Fast Lane in 2018 to win the Universal title where it ended in under a month and was dropped to Lesnar who defended less than he appeared on Monday Night Raw.

The Rock and John Cena created a once in a lifetime match, which turned into a redemption feud, and ended when Cena won the WWE Championship. Cena then went on to drop the title to a well deserved Daniel Bryan who then went on to be in one of the best rivalries in the WWE.

But despite that happening, the title was won once again by Cena, who lost the title to Lesnar who used then proceeded to use many suplexes to get himself over with the WWE universe.

Since Lesnar won the WWE or the Universal championship in the past few years, it has always ended with either Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns winning the title off of him.

Each of those feuds weren’t really able to have a great reign due to repeating the same match while the WWE tried to find a way to get Lesnar in the title scene again.

It made the WWE waste time on not truly building up their stars and because of that, the past few Mania’s have had the same cycle of Lesnar or Triple H who tried to add more to the story of his feud.

Since the WWE had signed that huge deal to host huge events in Saudi Arabia for a lot of cash, it’s go-to plan is for the fans to see a feud from the past. But without the women being able to wrestle and men opting out of the show, it’s turned horrible for the WWE who have more roadblocks in trying to build up their stars.

But even with that being what the WWE has planned. it isn’t the impact to be worth looking back on and it has just been a waste of time. No one is on board with the WWE going to go to Saudi Arabia and having part timers return to collect a huge payday without it being worth remembering isn’t what fans want.

At Super Showdown in Jeddah, it came down to the main event of the show between Undertaker vs Goldberg. The match that could not exceed expectations because it didn’t need to happen due over a decade later than it originally should’ve.

The entrances were as long as the match was, but with the match itself, it included more than the usual amount of botches, but the Undertaker and Goldberg looked exhausted, plus with the finish being short for their main event, it adds more reasons as to why it is a bad idea to book part timers in an event that could have been used to make history in the pro wrestling.

The WWE will continue to host these big events in Saudi Arabia for as long as the deal lasts with them, but the WWE will continue to book part-time wrestlers in a spot that should have went to a current wrestler. They will book the main event or a majority of the matches to be about the part timers, it’ll just be about focusing on the past and not the future of the business.

The legends that will get booked are loved because of the matches that they put on when they were in their prime, but thinking you still got it when it’s about them collecting a huge pay day, it is not an actual effort and gives more of a reason why the WWE does not need that and should focus on building future stars, not the legends.

This isn’t best for WWE and their repeating of the same cycle has made fans explore other to be entertained by other promotions such as Stardom, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, Major League Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling have been able to keep fans excited for the future of pro wrestling.

Seeing stars earn their spot and the outcome being a huge benefit is always great to see, it allows fans to talk about the future of that promotion, it’s also what the WWE should get back to putting their focus on if they want great outcomes for the future faces of the WWE.

The WWE’s had many era’s in their many years ofhistory. From The Golden Era, the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era, PG Era and now the New Era, will the WWE continue to expand and showcase their current stars on their road to being a legend, or will they soon meet what could be their unimaginable decline?

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