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Five Horrible Sports Incidents Seen Around the World


When you give someone a second chance, it’s usually for reasons where it isn’t horrible. However, the sports industry is having issues with what is too much to forgive towards their athletes.  Here are the five worst incidents in sports drama, way more serious than Deflategate.

5. Michael Vick

Animal activists beware, because Michael Vick is not a nice fellow. He was arrested for running an illegal dog fighting ring, while they were investigating something totally different, a drug bust for his cousin. Vick admitted to hosting these events for nearly six years, and bred 50 types of dogs. He also played survival of the fittest with them, shooting, hanging, and electrocuting the dogs who were weak. He got a measly 23 months in prison, and still was able to play in the NFL after all of the drama.

4. Mike Tyson

No this isn’t the ear biting, it’s worse. Mike Tyson lured 18 year old Miss Black Rhode Island, Miss Desiree Washington into his hotel room and raped her. His argument was she wanted it the whole time, and he upfront told her that is all he wanted. He was sentenced to six years in prison, but only served three.

3. Toyna Harding

It’s not all men here, because in 1994 Harding hired a thug to attack competitor Nancy Kerrigan, so she would not have such a hard time throughout competitions. Her ex husband ended up being the thug who tracked Kerrigan down and took a baton to her lower thigh, forcing her to withdraw. Harding only received a three year probation, and 500 hours of community service for this whole situation.

2. Ray Lewis

At a Super Bowl Party taking place in Atlanta, back in 2000 a fight broke out between Ray Lewis’s crew, and others resulting in a stabbing and murder of two people. Lewis’s limo clearly was coated in their cold blood, however he still plead not guilty- and won. Lewis received a 12 month probation sentence, and never got punished after that.

1. O.J. Simpson

Did you really not expect this to pop up here? Of course it did. The most famous murder trial between sports, with evidence leading up to O.J. being the clear killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldm, with their bodies being right outside his apartment? Nope over 100 million viewers tuned in to see O.J. be declared, not guilty.

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