5 UFC Fights We Need in 2019


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As the new year begins, the UFC has been forced to reschedule multiple cards in the early months. During the down time, the media is free to speculate which “super fights” may come into existence by the end of the year. Here are 5 fights we need by the end of 2019: 

5. (C) Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg

Facing off at UFC 232 in December, we knew this would be a bout that remained standing. After 51 seconds, Nunes took control and won via knockout, but it leaves the MMA community wanting more.

Although a speculated match between Nunes and Holly Holm may be on the brink of reality in 2019, a rematch between these two female powerhouses would be worth a pay-per-view purchase. Truthfully, Nunes and Cyborg may be two of the most dominant strikers in female MMA history, and depending on the outcome, could emerge as a historic trilogy series.

4.  (C) Jon Jones vs #1 Stipe Miocic

Despite the fans preferring a trilogy between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, this bout seems a bit more practical. Jones is coming off his fight against Alexander Gustafsson, while Miocic is attempting to rebound from his loss against Cormier at UFC 226. 

This may turn into an eventual stepping stone for a title shot against Cormier, but there is no evidence of when Cormier may retire. Before it’s too late, perhaps the UFC should put together this heavyweight super fight, that way it can build over into the next chapter. 

Combined, the two hold a record of 40-4 with 23 KO/TKO’s. While Jones is more efficient on the ground in comparison to Miocic, this would likely be a fight that remains standing, which makes for a great pay-per-view. 

3.  (C) Max Holloway vs #2 Conor McGregor II

After watching Max Holloway take over UFC 231 in his win over Brian Ortega, it’s hard to dispute him as the best stylistic matchup for Conor McGregor. Both fighters prefer to strike, and both hold an enormous amount of power when they unload on opponents. 

Holloway has suffered issues regarding cutting weight in a short period of time, but his last loss in the UFC was to McGregor back in August of 2013. On the flip side, McGregor needs to build up his resume in order to contend for a title, regardless of the division. While Donald Cerrone has been a rumored opponent, this fight would be part of a card that is potentially loaded with revenue opportunities. 

2. (C) Tyron Woodley vs #1 Colby Covington

While a variety of names at the Welterweight division seem appealing in 2019, this is a fight that we need. Tyron Woodley is now scheduled against Kamaru Usamn, which has left a rather displeasing taste in Colby Covington’s mouth.  

By the end, the direct rivalry between Woodley and Covington is too hard to ignore. As long as Covington can put the past behind him and stop antagonizing Dana White to release him, this bout will take place. Covington won’t knock out Woodley in this potential bout, however, both fighters are well-balanced and would provide a fantastic card. 

1. (C) Khabib Nurmagomedov vs #1 Tony Ferguson 

This is a bout that has been close to occurring on multiple occasions, but maybe it finally takes place in 2019? With Conor McGregor out of the title picture for the moment, Tony Ferguson is the most immediate threat for Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Lightweight title. 

With potentially one of the best fights in 2018 against Anthony Pettis, we shouldn’t disregard the fact that Ferguson would arguably be the best wrestler that Nurmagomedov has come across. With 11 KO/TKO to go along with 8 submissions, it would be delusional to put any other bout ahead of this one.   

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