5 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat


Entering the 2015 season, some of the biggest questions in particular organizations is if their head coach can lead their team to a playoff run. These five head coaches have their backs up against the wall, looking to outperform any team to keep their jobs:
5. Tom Coughlin (New York Giants) 

Coughlin has been a part of the Giants’ community for years now, so how could this be possible? Coughlin may have a 96-80 record as a coach, but these past two seasons have been horrid to witness. There were rumors that Coughlin planned on retiring after last season, but that does not seem to be the case as of now. At 68 years old, I don’t expect to see Coughlin to coach for any team except for the Giants, but he needs a bounce-back year to keep his job.
4. Ken Whisenhunt (Tennessee Titans) 

Safe to say that a 2-14 campaign last year with the Titans doesn’t look too great? Whisenhunt has been on the hot seat with a coaching record of 3-25. With Marcus Mariota under center, could this be the turnaround year to keep the coach in tact? Besides from coaching issues, the Titans also have ownership issues. If a new owner were to step in, he may wish to hand-pick his new coach, so it what really is safe to say is that 2015 is a big year for Ken Whisenhunt.
3. Chuck Pagano (Indianapolis Colts) 

This may be a shock to a lot of people, but it does make sense. At the end of the season, the Colts made a one year extension with Pagano, making the message loud and clear: The Colts need a Super Bowl ring in 2015. Despite three consecutive finishes at 11-5, the Colts defense ranked 21st, 9th and 19th in points allowed those seasons. Postseason success is a big need for the Colts, and Pagano needs to make sure he utilizes his new offensive weapons accordingly.
2. Jeff Fisher (St. Louis Rams) 

Fisher has a great reputation in the NFL. He has been able to turn mediocre teams into more capable contenders for a wild card spot. The newest trade for quarterback Nick Foles could help or hurt the season, but the biggest buzz has been the potential move to Los Angeles in the near future. If the Rams really wanted to move stadiums and locations, they would need to create their own sense of buzz with possibly a playoff berth. There could be a good chance that the Rams wish to move on from Fisher if they don’t receive the expectations they desire.
1. Jay Gruden (Washington Redskins) 

Was this really a surprise to anyone? The organization hired Gruden in hopes of getting quarterback Robert Griffen III back on track, but of course that never went too well. Griffen does have some serious health concerns, but what if Gruden can’t make it work? The Redskins could eventually see the coach and the quarterback as dead weight and start over in a rebuilding process. Gruden will need to bring his team to around 7-9 to stay in Washington for years to come in my opinion. 

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