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3 Dynasty Football Tips for 2017


This past Sunday was the ending of the 2016 NFL regular season. As for all of us out there in the fantasy football world, all of our leagues ended, maybe even the week before for some. 

For the redraft groups, the season is completely done, and it’s time to enjoy time off from fantasy football and wait to see how the draft and free agency goes before really working on those rankings. 

As for the dynasty league people, the work is just beginning. We have to go over our rosters, decide who want to keep, cut, maybe trade, and if you have a taxi or practice squad, look at possible promotions. Throughout this offseason, I will write up some tips, draft strategies, and breakdown free agent moves that may impact players on your team or players who you may have been eyeing to acquire. In this first article, I will give you some advice on how to approach offseason and get you started on the right foot.

Be Wise of Your Time: This seems self- explanatory, but many owners usually make too hasty of moves, or even worse, procrastinate and have no choice but to make quick decisions. 

One thing I usually do is take a few days and make a list of who I want or need to cut, but I don’t stop there. Instead of instantly cutting them, I throw out offers on the guys just to see what I can get in return.

The value is usually small, because let’s be honest, you really shouldn’t be considering dropping a guy with a ton of value. The moral of the story is; use your time wisely, and think about your moves, because you never know what you may get in return. 

Don’t Trade Draft Picks Right Away:  If you get an offer you can’t refuse, this rule goes out the window, but if the offer is a close call, give it some time. Draft picks become more valuable as the day gets closer. 

Case and point the 2016 NFL draft, Ezekiel Elliott became far and away the best draft pick after being picked by the Cowboys. Beforehand, a case could have been made for Laquon Treadwell based on need. Once players actually get to their teams is when values drastically rise or fall. Hold on to those draft picks, and see which ones you can get for cheap and deal them later on.

Balance Your Roster: One of the biggest mistakes owners make in dynasty football is the lack of balancing their teams. Either they want a team full of rookies, or a team full of proven veterans. 

Both have extreme ups and downs. The guy with all the rookies doesn’t have the veteran support to generate the points, and the guy with all veterans will start having a bunch of holes in their team as the year goes on. It’s important to have a good mix of youth and experience. I know this sounds obvious, but check some rosters in your leagues, you should see that the consistently good teams have this mix.

I could go on forever about tips and what to do and what not to do, but these are the biggest three you should be focusing on right now. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the playoffs and monitor the coaching carousel that’s beginning already, especially with the total rebuild in San Francisco with Chip Kelly being fired. Before you know it, we’ll be ranking the upcoming rookies. Until then, have some with your offseason, and feel free to input your feedback.

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