WCPW Chain Reaction 2017 Recap

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Wrestling Images

Matchup: El Ligero Vs Penta El Zero M

Result: El Ligero Wins Via C4L

Rate: 3 Stars

Zimbio Images

Matchup: David Starr Vs  Liam Slater

Results: David Starr Wins Via Straight Jacket German Suplex

 Rate: 2.5 Stars

WWE Images

Matchup: Prospect Vs Drake & James R. Kennedy 

Results: Drake & James R. Kennedy Win

WWE Images

Matchup: Viper With Bea Presitley  Vs Kay Lee 

Results: Viper Wins Via Michinoku Driver

Rate: 2.5 Stars

YouTube Images

Matchup: Joe Hendry Vs Gabriel Kidd With Prince Ameen

Results: Joe Hendry Wins Via Freak Of Nature

Rate: 3 Stars

Twitter Images

Matchup: Bad Bones Vs Rampage Brown

Results: Rampage Brown Wins Via Piledriver

Rate: 3.5 Stars

Wrestling Images

Matchup: Travis Banks Vs Doug Williams

Results: Travis Banks Wins Via Springboard Kick

Rate: 3.5 Stars

WWE Images

Matchup: Swords Of Essex Vs South Coast Coonection

Results: Swords Of Essex Win & Retain WCPW Tag Team Titles

Rate: 3.5 Stars

YouTube Images

Matchup: Joe Coffey Vs Martin Kirby

Results: Joe Coffey Wins Via Modifed Gory Special

Rate: 2.5 Stars

YouTube Images

Matchup: Cody Rhodes Vs Matt Riddle

Results: The match would end in no contest when the prestige laid both men out, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the fans 

Rate: 3.5 Stars

Final Thoughts:

What Worked: Kelly Sixx and Ashley Dunn. For a team that was introduced as a throwaway “jobber team”, they took their chance with both hands and delivered. Of course, the problem now is that if this was intended as a “one and done” booking, then it was pretty dumb to deliver the fans something that isn’t going to be followed up on. 

Elsewhere, the surprise debut of Matt Riddle was a nice one, but with that finish, it probably shouldn’t have been in the main event. With Drew Galloway off the show, it’s hard to pick a match that should have main evented.

What Didn’t Work: I wasn’t a big fan of the Viper/Kay Lee Ray match, particularly with all the interference that just made the referee look incompetent. They can do better, but if the story is “Bea Priestley’s got a bodyguard”, why is she interfering for her bodyguard? 

I’ll also add in “Alex Shane” again. His commentary is as atrocious as ever, and whilst I’m not a fan of the revolving door of commentators, they deserve to have someone more qualified. 


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