WARNING: Fans COULD Turn On Goldberg At The Rumble

The Royal Rumble is one of, if not, the most exciting wrestling event of the year. This Sunday, we will witness the 30th time that the pay per view has made its round.
Every fan has their favorite superstars and their ill-favored superstars. Though every opinion may be different, there is usually a flock of fans that pick a couple of stars that are at the top of their lists.

The group that has nearly overtaken the general WWE Universe is the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), which is a group that usually contains hardcore wrestling fans that usually supports the stars the feel don’t get their deserved due and are quick to down the ones they feel get too much due. Goldberg has walked a fine line since his return and has been able to appeal to casual fans, old fashioned fans and the IWC. A line that could be erased this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

Over the past couple of years, the WWE has seen the fan base of Roman Reigns and Batista deteriorate in ONE night. When Batista returned to the WWE in the beginning of 2014, he was red hot. The WWE universe welcomed him back with open arms and he was walking the same fine line that Goldberg is walking now.

What happened next? Fans waited for Daniel Bryan, who was the IWC darling at the time and watched CM Punk be eliminated by Kane only to never be seen in the company since. Batista was booed out of the building when the crowd realized Bryan wasn’t even a part of the match. Batista’s WWE run would go downhill from there and didn’t recover. (Though he’s successful in Hollywood now)

What’s interesting about the 2014 Royal Rumble match, when the WWE universe faced the reality that Batista was going to win the match, they were LOUDLY chanting for Reigns to win that match. Reigns won the following year to the fans DISDAIN.

This time, Daniel Bryan was eliminated early on in the match. The WWE universe wouldn’t get over the elimination and realized that Reigns was in the position to win. Reigns was then booed out of the building, as most fans felt like he wasn’t ready for the championship. However, the fans were willing to accept him when Batista was in a position to win the rumble. Missed opportunity WWE?

Goldberg is NOT one of the IWC darlings. He is walking the fine line of appealing to all until he eliminates a fan favorite like Bray Wyatt. If AJ Styles loses his title and finds his way into the rumble, the crowd would virtually crucify Goldberg if he wins over Styles.

Hopefully, the WWE has a plan for Goldberg at the rumble for the sake of his popularity, because this WWE run could go downhill and soon if they don’t handle it correctly. They need to do something about this now, but the great part about this year? There’s no odds on favorite, so any talk about Bill Goldberg is just hypothetical.

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4 thoughts on “WARNING: Fans COULD Turn On Goldberg At The Rumble

  1. You do realize this is all fake, right? The outcome is predetermined, and probably a good deal of the fight choreography. If I was in charge, I would have Goldberg win decisively, only to have Brock Lesnar come into the ring while Goldberg’s hand is being raised, and knock him out with one spinning fist or elbow to the brain stem.

    1. Of course it’s fake haha.

      I am talking about a booking mistake that could happen, if the company wants Goldberg’s momentum with the crowd to carry on.

      If it was legit, whoever wins, is deserving.

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