2017 NFL Training Camp News & Fantasy Notes 2.0


A few days ago, I released the training camps and dates for all 32 teams, along with little side notes as to what I was going to pay attention to during camp. While we’re still young in the training camp stage, there’s still coaches and media outlets buzzing about how certain players have looked. As a fantasy football guy, I’ll continue to put my fantasy spin on things as well. The key to remember is that it’s only training camp, and sometimes things get blown out of proportion. However, we’ll keep reactions reeled in here, so let’s see what’s going on in the early parts of camp.

Who has reported so far? As of now, the Cowboys, Ravens, Jaguars, Saints, and Dolphins have reported, but just the rookies. The Cardinals will report on Friday with all of their players, and will be the first franchise to do so. It’s pretty early, but out of the rookies that have reported already, I’m most curious to hear about Leonard Fournette. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get an idea of his total planned playing time until the rest of the team reports later next week.

Cowboys: Rob Phillips, a reporter for the team’s official site, stated “Taco Charlton has a lot of competition to play significant snaps right away.” I would agree with Phillips here, as the Cowboys have Tyrone Crawford on the left end, and Demarcus Lawrence on the right. The most likely scenario in which Charlton receives reps is if Lawrence re-aggravates his previous back injury. This is only useful information for owners in IDP leagues, but nothing to adjust any rankings over.

Ravens: According to Garrett Downing, a staff writer for Ravens team website, the defensive end position is up for grabs. He believes Brent Urban is in the lead to take one side, while the opposite end of Urban is up for grabs. He didn’t elaborate on who he thought would win the job, but I think it will be Bronson Kaufusi. Once again, this only has IDP value to it, although even in IDP leagues, I don’t see anyone in the Baltimore front three worth owning.

Jaguars: The team’s official site is projecting Leonard Fournette to be the number one back, but he may split time with Chris Ivory. There are two things to note here. One, the writing is on the wall here, you don’t take a guy at that position that high to have him ride the bench. Two, Fournette will likely be splitting the time with T.J. Yeldon as well. Being it’s just rookie camp, media coverage is a little scarce, hence the speculation article here.

Saints: There is nothing significant to report out of the New Orleans camp. This really isn’t a surprise here, as the Saints are a pretty tight-lipped organization. As the rest of the team reports, and more media outlets cover their training camp period, we should get a better idea of how things are going.

Dolphins: Dolphins camp is in the same boat as the Saints camp. Although there’s really no rookies here to get excited about fantasy wise, a few injuries could happen, and Isaiah Ford could become a name worth talking about. For now, there is no reason to cross that bridge until we get there. We’ll look forward to seeing the rest of the team come next Wednesday.

As I stated in some of the team reports, there’s not a whole lot to discuss here, considering the media coverage isn’t there yet. With the exception of the Jaguars, all the teams who have had anyone report to camp so far built defensively this offseason. The next team to report is going to be the Arizona Cardinals, and they’ll be the first to practice with the entire squad. With that being said, we’ll continue to monitor camps around the NFL, and as always will keep you up to date with the latest news.

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