2017 NFL Mock Draft 2.0


Mock drafts very rarely remain the same, especially when it comes to the NFL. Loads of deals have been made within the last few weeks, and now seems like the perfect time to undergo the 2017 NFL Mock Draft 2.0. Interested in seeing who your team took in the 2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0? Check it out! 

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1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett (DE, Texas A&M) (1.0 Prediction: Myles Garrett)

I had Garrett being taken the first time around, and I believe this theory still holds true. Even though Brock Osweiler’s future in Cleveland doesn’t look bright, after a recent trade took place between the Browns and Texans, I strongly feel as though the Browns will move forward by selecting Garrett with this pick.

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2. San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama) (1.0 Prediction: Mitchell Trubisky)

After dealing for both Brian Hoyer, as well as Matt Barkley, it doesn’t seem as though the 49ers have any intent to reach for a quarterback with the second overall pick. Jonathan Allen would be the best defensive player after Garrett in my opinion, and I think this is a much safer route for the 49ers to take. 

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3. Chicago Bears: Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State) (1.0 Prediction: Jonathan Allen)

Because of Garrett and Allen projected to be off the board early, I think it’s a bit of a reach for the Bears to snag Solomon Thomas at #3. With that, I think this is the perfect opportunity for the Bears to help their cornerback situation and take a guy like Lattimore to improve their lack of talent when it comes to the defensive back position.

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4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jamal Adams (S, LSU) (1.0 Prediction: Jamal Adams)

This one continues to be blurry, because I think there is a shot that the Jaguars take Leonard Fournette at #4 instead of Adams. Overall, the smarter path would be to take Adams, who would be a huge reinforcement to help in the secondary. Don’t be shocked if it’s Fournette, but expect it to be Adams. Images
5. Tennessee Titans: Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State) (1.0 Prediction: Marshon Lattimore)

With no real CB prospects worth taking at the number five pick, the Titans are likely better off taking Hooker, who has the potential to be an upgrade for their secondary. I think that Hooker will be an eventual starter in the NFL, so this would be a safe move on the Titans behalf.

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6. New York Jets: Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU) (1.0 Prediction: Leonard Fournette)

If Fournette isn’t taken by the Jaguars, there is no shot that the Jets will pass up on him. Although the Jets are desparate when it comes to the CB position, after cutting Revis, there is no defensive back worth betting on over a talent like Fournette with the sixth overall pick. Images
7. Los Angeles Chargers: Cam Robinson (OT, Alabama) (1.0 Prediction: Malik Hooker)

After researching a bit more, if the Chargers can not snag Hooker or Adams at #7, expect them to be more than happy taking Cam Robinson, who will be a huge upgrade when it comes to the Chargers offensive line. Robinson impressed at the combine, so I expect his draft stock to rise within the top 5-15.

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8. Carolina Panthers: Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford) (1.0 Prediction: Solomon Thomas)

Even though the Panthers did re-sign Julius Peppers, the veteran is 37-years old. I think the Panthers are hoping for Fournette to fall past the Jaguars and Jets, which I don’t believe is likely. With that, I think the Panthers are best moving forward with either Thomas or Derek Barnett (Tennessee) in order to improve the pass rush.

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9. Cincinnati Bengals: Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama) (1.0 Prediction: Mike Williams) 

Even though he did have an early combine exit, I don’t think the Bengals will be more worried about their wide receiver needs than their needs on defense. Foster is likely the best linebacker prospect heading into 2017, and the Bengals should be willing to take a chance on him.
10. Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams (WR, Clemson) (1.0 Prediction: Deshaun Wastson)

I originally saw the Bills snagging a quarterback with this pick, but by resigning Tyrod Taylor to an extension, I think they go with a wide receiver. Corey Brown simply won’t be enough to compliment a receiver like Sammy Watkins. If they don’t take a receiver, look for a defensive back to be reached for, as a result of the Bills losing Stephon Gillmore to the Patriots.

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11.  New Orleans Saints: Derek Barnett (DE, Tennessee) (1.0 Prediction: Sidney Jones)

I think that Sidney Jones would have been a great pick at #11 for the Saints, but the injury to him will have the Saints looking elsewhere. I expect them to draft defensively throughout this draft, even if they did ship away Brandin Cooks to the Patriots in an unbalanced trade.

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12. Cleveland Browns: Michell Trubisky (QB, North Carolina) (1.0 Prediction: DeShone Kizer)

I think the best available quarterback goes off the board here, and the Browns would be the real winners of this draft if Trubisky falls to #12. If the Browns can get both Garrett and Trubisky by the this pick, it’s safe to say the franchise is taking steps in the right direction.

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13. Arizona Cardinals: Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson) (1.0 Prediction: Corey Davis) 

I originally had Corey Davis taken, simply because of Fitzgerald’s final chapter. After a closer look, I think the Cardinals would be very smart to take Watson here, and develop him under Palmer until he retires, giving Watson the time he may need to become an NFL starter.

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14. Philadelphia Eagles: Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford) (1.0 Prediction: Quincy Wilson)

After losing Nolan Carroll to the Cowboys, I wouldn’t be shocked if the pick of Quincy Wilson still remains true for the Eagles. With that being said, I think by picking McCaffrey, you are only helping the Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense.

Ryan Mathews has been unreliable over the years, and Darren Sproles is now 33-years old. McCaffrey coming into Philadelphia would be a huge gamble, but I think he fits better in their system than Dalvin Cook does.

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15. Indianapolis Colts: Ryan Ramczyk (OT, Wisconsin) (1.0 Prediction: Dalvin Cook)

Frank Gore is a whopping 33-years old right now, but I think protecting Andrew Luck is the priority for this Colts franchise. The Colts allowed 44 sacks in 2016, which was the fifth-most in the NFL.

I think if Cook is drafted, it’s a pick for the best player available. In this instance, drafting Ramczyk is the best move, just because it’s drafting for the future health of your quarterback. If you draft an offensive lineman, you’re simply helping keep Luck on the field for sixteen regular season games a year. 

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16. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis (WR, Western Michigan) (1.0 Prediction: Taco Charlton)

I think the Ravens are in desparate need of a pass rusher in this draft, but I also believe it’s a reach with the 16th overall pick to spend it on an OLB who’s valued later in the round. The only defensive player I can see the Ravens selecting here would be Haason Reddick out of Temple.

Davis is one inch shorter than Clemson receiver Mike Williams, but he does have an edge on Williams in terms of speed off the line of scrimmage. The only dependable and consistent receiver on the Ravens at the moment is veteran Mike Wallace, but he has already hit 30-years old. By selecting Davis, he can hopefully develop into a starting slot receiver for the franchise.

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17. Washington Redskins: Jabrill Peppers (SS, Michigan) (1.0 Prediction: Jabrill Peppers)

I have a hard time seeing Peppers drop to #17, but if he does, he won’t slip past the Redskins. With the earlier signing of D.J. Swearinger, I think the Redskins could potentially utilize him at a number of different positions. 

In 2016, Peppers had reps at linebacker, cornerback and safety, and even a handful at wide receiver and running back. Peppers is a jack of all trades, and I think the Redskins would be fools to let him pass.

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18. Tennessee Titans: Haason Reddick (LB, Temple) (1.0 Prediction: Budda Baker)

With Davis and Williams off the board, another guy I could have seen selected at #18 is John Ross. I’m not a huge fan of draft stocks rising due to combine stats, so I think Ross gets passed on here.

Reddick would be a good fit for the Titans, simply because they need an inside linebacker that can rush, as well as cover in the zone on third down. He is simply too small to play as an outside guy, but I think with time, Reddick could be utilized within the Titans starting roster.

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19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State) (1.0 Prediction: Christian McCaffrey) 

Cook has issues of his own off the field, but a backfield involving Seminoles graduates Jameis Winston and Dalvin Cook would blend really well together. 

I could see Taco Charlton or Charles Harris taken here in order to improve the defensive line for Tampa Bay, but I think with Doug Martin continuing to go through rehab for substance use, the Bucs need a new face at the running back position. Images
20. Denver Broncos: O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama) (1.0 Prediction: Ryan Ramczyk)

With three touchdowns in 33 games started in his career, I think it’s safe to say that the Broncos need to move on from Virgil Green. Howard is the clear-cut best tight end in this draft, and I think this is the smartest move the team can make.

If a guy like Ramczyk or Robinson are available in order to improve the offensive line, I think the Broncos are better off going that direction. With that being said, I believe with those guys off the board, Howard is the next best option.

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21. Detroit Lions: Taco Charlton (DE, Michigan) (1.0 Prediction: Tim Williams)

Charlton is going to thrive as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense, and if need be, he could likely be utilized as a standup linebacker in a 3-4 set. The Lions defense had a lot of gaps in 2016, as their pass rush lead them to be ranked 30th in the NFL when it comes to sacks (26).

I could still see Williams or McKinley being taken at #21 as well, just because they’re both defensive studs, but the census is that Charlton is the best of the three.

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22. Miami Dolphins: Tim Williams (LB, Alabama) (1.0 Prediction: Derek Barnett) 

If Williams isn’t snagged earlier, this will be pick the Dolphins should be more than happy spending. Lawrence Timmons recently signed a deal with the team on a two-year deal, but that doesn’t come close to solving the issue with the defense as a whole. If the pick isn’t spent on Williams, I could see another defensive player being selected, such as Jarrad Davis or Zach Cunningham.

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23. New York Giants: Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt) (1.0 Prediction: Zach Cunningham)

The Giants should feel pressure to address issues involving their offensive line, but the best guy available at that point is Garret Bolles. I think Bolles would be a reach at #23, but you just can’t tell with how desparate a team can be to draft based on needs.

Cunningham provides the most talent at the #23 spot, and I think the Giants should continue to focus on developing their defense in order to stop the other NFC East offenses when the 2017 season hits.

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24. Oakland Raiders: Jarrard Davis (LB, Florida) (1.0 Prediction: Tre’Davious White)

The Raiders really do need to solve their defensive issues, and I believe that starts with either the linebacker or defensive tackle position. Davis is the best linebacker left on my board at this point, and I think he is well worth the #24 pick.

If the Raiders don’t select a linebacker here, look for them to go after a defensive tackle like Caleb Brantley (Florida) or Malik McDowell (Michigan State) instead.

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25. Houston Texans: Garett Bolles (OT, Utah) (1.0 Prediction: Cam Robinson)

As more reports come out, it’s seeming as though guys like Robinson and Ramczyk are going to go significantly higher than projected. Bolles would be next on the best available offensive lineman, and I think this may be the route the Texans need to take.

If it’s not an offensive tackle, I see a guy like McKinley snagged here. There is a question of whether DeShone Kizer would go at this slot, but I think Kizer is more likely to fall into the second round than anything.

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26. Seattle Seahawks: Caleb Brantley (DT, Florida) (1.0 Prediction: Garett Bolles)

If Ramczyk, Robinson, and Bolles are off the board at this point, like I project, I think it’s more likely than not that the Seahawks trade this #26 pick away to a team looking for young defensive talent.

If this pick does get traded away, it’ll mark the fourth time in five years that the Seahawks have traded their pick away. Their next priority is to address the defensive tackle position, and Brantley is next best man for the job.

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27. Kansas City Chiefs: Malik McDowell (DT, Michigan State) (1.0 Prediction: Jarrad Davis)

A lot of experts have a running back or quarterback going off the board here, but I believe they’ll be off the board before the Chiefs are even on the clock. With that, the next best option is to build up and improve the defensive line.

McDowell is a great prospect to pay attention to, as I have him ranked #2 (behind Jonathan Allen) when it comes to the top defensive tackles in this draft. If not McDowell, look for the Chiefs to select an inside linebacker, such as T.J. Watt.

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28. Dallas Cowboys: Charles Harris (DE, Missouri) (1.0 Prediction: Charles Harris)

It’s no secret that the Cowboys need help on defensive line, and Harris is only one of the many steps needed to be taken in order for the Cowboys to be taken seriously in the postseason. Harris is the best available defensive lineman on the board at #28, and I think the shot he even falls to this point is slim.

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29. Green Bay Packers: Takkarist McKinley (DE, UCLA) (1.0 Prediction: Takkarist McKinley)

McKinley can also be utilized as a linebacker, which I think he may a better fit as with the Packers. There are no pure cornerbacks at this point in the first round worth betting on, so McKinley may provide the Packers with the pass rush they need in order to slow down the tempo of opposing quarterbacks.

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30. Pittsburgh Steelers: T.J. Watt (LB, Wisconsin) (1.0 Prediction: Haason Reddick)

It seems as though the Steelers will seek to rebuild their linebacker core, and it’ll all start with this Wisconsin graduate. Watt would be a great addition to the Steelers defense, and will even get a hardy number of reps, considering Timmons departed to go to Miami during this offseason.

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31. Atlanta Falcons: Dawuane Smoot (DE, Illinois) (1.0 Prediction: Adoree’ Jackson)

The Falcons don’t have a lot of angles with this pick, as there is a chance they even ship this pick away to someone looking to snag Kizer or Mixon. If they keep the pick, Smoot or Chris Wormley would be the best defensive linemen on the board for taking.

I think that Smooth does have the slight edge, just based on sources raving over his combine interviews and overall performance.

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32. New Orleans Saints: Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)

After shipping Brandin Cooks away to the Patriots for this pick, I think the Saints go out and try to improve their defensive back development. I was tempted to throw John Ross at this slot, but I don’t believe the Saints would ship a receiver away in order to take the best receiver on the draft board.

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