Dwane Casey calls out NBA refs; fine coming?


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After the Toronto Raptors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 99-84, Raptors coach Dwayne Casey called out the referees on multiple occasions during his press conference. While Cavs reserve Dahntay Jones could be facing discipline from the league for an intentional low blow on Raptors center Bismack Biyombo (who set the new Raptors franchise record in rebounds). Casey feels like the Cavs should have been called for more than the 10 fouls they were called for. Casey bought up many times what he felt were non-calls on Biyombo.

“Biyombo is not getting the calls,” Casey said. “We shoot zero free throws in the fourth quarter. Zero. He’s getting hit. There’s one play where they almost have a brawl. He gets killed on that play.”. “I don’t know if he’s getting hit because of how physical and tough he is, but he’s getting cracked. To his credit, I thought he was going to lose his head when he got the technical foul, but he kept playing. He’s one of the top rebounders in the league, and no telling how many times he gets hit and fouled under there without being called. Again, I’m going to say this: I think he gets hit almost on every rebound and putback there is, and he just doesn’t get the calls, whether he’s rolling to the bucket, and we’ve just got to have consistency with that.” Casey added. When asked about other aspects of the game, Casey went back to the no-calls. Casey was also upset about a play during which Tristan Thompson accidentally hit Lebron James with an elbow and the refs slapped a technical foul on DeMarre Carroll.

The Cavs shot 3 more free throws than the Raptors in game 3 (16 as compared to 13). And have shot 35 more total in the series. “I’ve been on both sides of it,” said Casey. “I’ve been where the whistle has been in favor of you. But for whatever reason, and I understand we have great officials and it’s a hard game to call, but some of these fouls are unbelievable.”. Biyombo who has committed, hard fouls on Lebron James during the series was slapped with a flagrant for grabbing James around the neck. Lebron quoted Jay-Z when explaining why he tries to take the high road and not fight back “I always think back to the Jay Z phrase and a line he had: ‘If I shoot you, then I’m brainless. If you shoot me, you’re famous.’ What am I to do?” James said. “That always plays in my head. Every time I feel like I want to react, I’ve got to keep my brain.”.

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