Spurs Take 2-1 Series Lead

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There were no officiating errors to ruin the ending of this game, they didn’t miss 5 calls within 13 seconds. The Spurs and Thunder have proved that their series is blockbuster. Both teams played as hard as they could. It wasn’t until the final seconds that a winner could be declared, as the Spurs won 100-96.

The game was a possible confidence builder and rejuvenation of Spurs point guard Tony Parker. Parker scored 19 points, 13 in the first three quarters, in addition to dishing five assists and pulling down five rebounds. All this came after Parker had scored a grand total of nine points over the first two games of the series. 

“He started out a little rough, but he kept his poise, kept his focus, and had a great second half” Popovich said of Parker after Game 3. “He ran the show. He scored here and there when he needed to. He did a wonderful job.”

On the subject of Tony Parker, in these three games against the Thunder, he’s produced 23 assists and committed just two turnovers. 

Kawhi Leonard had a double-double, pouring in a game high 31 points with 11 rebounds. He also had three assists, a steal, and a block. Lamarcus Aldridge contributed 24 points and 8 rebounds. 

The Spurs will hope to keep this up for game 4 and beyond and keep executing. Parker said he decided to address the bench late in Friday’s game in part because “I really felt like Game 2 where we lost the game is because we didn’t execute and took quick shots and we were not doing what we were supposed to do.”

The Spurs fixed this issue. “In the huddle, he told us what we needed to do, to take our time, what he wanted us to do when we get a stop, and get him the ball and call a set” Danny Green said.

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