Shane McMahon Returns to WWE

During the Vincent J McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award presentation on Monday Night RAW, Shane McMahon returned to WWE, interrupting his father Vince and sister Stephanie. Shane said that Steph’s rise to the top of WWE corporate ranks only happened because he let it happen. Shane repeatedly asked Vince “she doesn’t know?” then said that several years ago, Vince and Shane cut a deal. In the deal, Shane got a lot of things he wanted. He also said that he never lost his “place in line”. Shane went on to say that he wanted control of RAW and Vince said he’d get it, but only if he could defeat The Undertaker inside the Hell In A Cell at WrestleMania 32.

Shane left WWE back in 2010 but was a prominent figure on WWE television, especially during the Attitude Era. He is a one time European Champion and a one time Hardcore Champion. If you want to see his entrance, you can view it below:

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