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2016 PBR Season Early Report


This weekend, most of America I’m sure will be focused heavily on the Conference Championships of the NFL. As the NFL season comes to an end, the PBR season begins. 

While quarterbacks will be dodging big defensive lineman, cowboys from all over the world will be dodging much bigger demons of their own in Oklahoma City. While I’ll be tuning into the games this weekend, you can bet I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the PBR. Enough about that, let’s talk about some of the cowboys that’ll pave the road to Vegas this year.


J.B. Mauney: He’s the reigning world champ, and there’s never an event he shows up to being the underdog, or at least it seems that way. Mauney is to the PBR what Steph Curry is to the NBA, or Mike Trout to the MLB. Simply put, he’s one of the best. He had a 60 percent ride percentage last year and I bet he has a similar percentage this year. This should be another great year for Mauney.

Paulo Lima: He’s off to a hot start this year already. He’s entered in 12 events, and has won four. Paulo Lima is an up and comer in the PBR. He had a rough year last year placing 66th. He’s starting the year off on the right foot. I really hope he rides this weekend and makes a statement to start the BFTS. Look for Lima to continue the momentum he gained from winning in New York last week.

Valdiron De Oliveira: Oliveira is currently sitting at 5th in the BFTS standings. He kicked off 2016 with a bang placing third in the first event of the BFTS in Chicago. He did well in the first New York event placing 10th. He was an outside contender for the title last year placing 13th in the final standings. I expect 2016 to be a good year for the 10-year pro.

Mike Lee: I’ve been rooting for this guy for my whole life it seems like. Mike Lee has been in the top 20 for the past six years. His best year obviously was in 2004 when he won the world title. 2015 wasn’t all bad for Lee, but it wasn’t his best by any stretch of the imagination. I believe 2016 will be a much better year for long tenured vet. Mike Lee, I’m still rooting for you buddy, so dig in, and like the great Justin McBride said, “Whatever ya do don’t let go”.

These are just a few of the great riders we are going to see this year. Wallace Vieira De Oliveira, Robson Palermo, and J.W. Harris are some other guys you can never count out, especially this year. I could spend all day talking about guys you shouldn’t count out. 

We are early in the season, and more than nine months removed from the world finals. What seems to be a long season for the fans, probably seems short for the guys gunning for the buckle. Before I go I’ll leave you with the current world standings according to PBR.com.


Place Name Money Won Points
1 Paulo Lima $151,704.40 1005
2 Joao Ricardo Vieira $24,050.00 710
3 Wallace De Vieira Oliveira $42,675.68 610
4 Robson Palermo $13,727.95 545
5 Valdiron De Oliveira $23,222.52 412.5
6 Derek Kolbaba $40,906.85 310
7 Mike Lee $19,964.54 285
8 Kasey Hayes $16,900.00 280
9 J.B. Mauney $13,204.63 275
10 J.W. Harris $16,300.00 250


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