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2016 is going to be an incredible year for SockiBomb


2015 was the year short comings for Latitude 64 player Ricky Wysocki, but in his mind 2016 will be completely different. The South Carolina native said on Saturday, that he feels “100% confident for the first time in a while.”, His reasoning behind him feeling this way is the support form family, friends and from his sponsor.

“I have been able to accomplish a lot…” Wysocki said when asked about how his off season was going.”I have been doing a lot more strength training then I have in previous years and less playing. “I have been focusing more on the non disc golf related workouts so far, and taking a rest from playing in order to build up my will and drive to start a new season”. Looking back a few years ago, there wasn’t a lot of pros that truly focused on strength and conditioning but now it seems to be the main focus of the top pros. Wysocki then continued to elaborate on why he was choosing to spend less time on the course, and more time in the gym and relaxing, quoting that it helps his mental game; “My reasoning behind this is I have experienced better results taking breaks in between tournaments, during the season. For me I find that I play my best golf with a few days or in this case a few months away from playing. I feel that this time is much more beneficial for my mental game…”

One thing that Ricky took away from this season, was that his failures can turn into success if the right steps are taken. “I have fallen short a lot this season, and I have allowed it to let me do one thing, and that is propel me forward for my future events.” Many fans, myself included believe that at this time, their is only one player on tour currently that can stop the “Beast” Paul Mcbeth and that player is Ricky SockiBomb Wysocki. SockiBomb also talked about how the selection of discs and support of team Latitude 64, has completely changed his outlook on his future and is very happy with how he feels.


Latitude 64 fans erupted with excitement when it was announced early in 2015, that Ricky was making the switch from Prodigy and apparently so did he. “The switch from Prodigy to Latitude was a great decision for me. This decision I felt was right at the time and looking back I am glad I made this choice.”  For all the “Trilogy” family, he loves you all! huge shout out to the Facebook fan page for welcoming him so well.

The last topic we covered was all the new tours that are going to be taking place this year, The Disc Golf World Tour, The Disc Golf Pro Tour, and The American Disc Golf Tour. All three tours are separate form the PDGA and will all have different locations. Of the three tours, one has spurred up controversy on the reality of the tour. The American Disc Golf Tour is run by Salient Discs and is said to be broadcast on ESPN ,(May 15th on ESPN 3 and Watch ESPN). Lots of fans and even players have questioned Salient Discs motives, behind this and don’t think its worth it. Ricky himself has some words for the people who don’t believe or support The American Disc Golf Tour. ”

As far as the American Disc Golf Tour the answer is yes I am a supporter. I chose to support this event, not only because it is in my home state but because this is a great opportunity to showcase our sport on the biggest sporting broadcast (ESPN). Knowing all this stuff, I am supporting this event for the simple fact that I want to do my best to show the world what our awesome sport has to offer as far as a viewing and playing standpoint. This is going to be a chance to showcase everything we have to offer in order to become a mainstream sport, and I am going to do my best in order to present a good image. So no matter what beef, if any you have against anything involved with this event lets put that aside for an event lets all unite for the same simple dream. We all have in common and that is growing and showing this sport at a world class venue to a world class broadcast. This event is 100% happening, so why not support it in hopes to one day see this sport where we know it should be”. So Latitude fans and disc golf fans alike need to really start supporting it because you heard it form one of the best, It’s happening!

Good luck to Ricky and the rest of Team 64, on a great and wining  season as the season is only a few months away!

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