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2016 Disc Golf Preview


As the 2016 season is only a few months away, it’s around that time of year to make predictions on the season as a whole.

This season is different though, as  there are 3 tours and a world championship we have to predict for. Without further ado, here are predictions and previews for each tour and ultimately the PDGA world champion.

The Disc golf Pro Tour: This was the second tour announced this off season and it hasn’t been hyped much, but this tour seems to be the one that I am personally most excited about covering. 

This is the tour that I think will ultimately be the decider on who wins the world championship. The first two tournaments are on super challenging courses that have ultimately given the pros trouble. 

The Vibram Open at Maple Hill has given Paul Mcbeth, the 4-time reigning world champion, some unwanted trouble and has been a cause for concern. Although, we all know Paul to be someone who doesn’t forget losses and soon fixes any disappointment. 

That being said, the second tournament on the list is The Silver Cup (The Athletes Hub will be in attendance for this event). The Silver Cup takes place in Wisconsin and features three states gems of courses, including world renowned Rollin Ridge.

These are courses that not a lot of the pros have played and that can be a cause for concern for the players. Starting out with those two tournaments actually make me believe that Paul Mcbeth will be 0-2 to start this tour.  

Ricky Wysocki is one to watch to possibly take both of those first tournaments, but I would also be careful for Cale Leiviska, as he seems to always be lurking. 

Mcbeth will for sure make a comeback in the third tournament in a great way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had it the bag after round 2. 

The fourth tournament is one that we believe Paul will also destroy, making him 2-2 on the tour. With two tournaments left, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ricky Wysocki win 1 of them (if not both). 

The 6th and final tournament is an odd one, as it is a bracket style event. Due to how anything can and will go, I won’t even try and predict this one. If I had to choose though, it would probably come down to Mcbeth and Wysocki with a possible chance for Simon Lizotte.

The Disc golf World Tour: I don’t need to go into detail about these events because truthfully speaking, this is the tour Mcbeth is highly participating for and I don’t believe there is any way he loses this tour championship.

The American Disc Golf Tour: This tour and these events are something I don’t know much about at this time, but from the players that are backing the events, I have to give the edge to Ricky Wysocki.

PDGA World Championship: I may be about to break the internet with some pretty bold predictions, and I am even going to guarantee them. Paul Mcbeth will fall and lose the PDGA world championship in 2016. 

Not only will he lose, but he will fall to 3rd place, giving Simon Lizotte 2nd place. It has been a long time since the disc golf world has seen anyone with the confidence and drive like Paul in any other player, well now we do and that player is Ricky Wysocki. 

This is his second year with an amazing sponsor, feeling 100% confident, and even a little cocky, but in a good way. With all that being said, Ricky has a tough road ahead of him, and Paul doesn’t fall often, but I am confident he will take home the title in 2016.

Now what about the women? Well here is all I am going to say; Hokum v Pierce. This will be the UFC Heavyweight Title of women’s disc golf. In the end, their can only be one winner, and that will be Paige Pierce.

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