Rick Sutcliffe on Bautista Bat Flip: “In the old days, he doesn’t circle the bases”


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Former Major League pitcher Rick Sutcliffe joined ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning on Thursday and was asked about the Jose Bautista bat flip after a three-run shot in the bottom of the seventh inning to push Toronto to a 6-3 lead.


“You know, back in the old days, I don’t think he even reaches first,” Sutcliffe said. “When Andre Dawson got hit in the face, I wasn’t even in the game and I charged the mound. If he did that against me, I would have probably lost my mind and done something stupid. But I know he doesn’t even reach first.”

He also went on to say that he believes that this is Sportscenter’s fault, stating “You never see a double play to start off Sportscenter. I bet you this was the first thing you saw on Sportscenter last night. It’s for the energy and entertainment. I don’t have a problem with the flip in this day and age though.”

If you missed it, you can view the video

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