Miguel Cabrera Gets Injured, Lands on DL


The win for the Detroit Tigers in Friday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays did not go without casualties. Within the fourth inning, while racing off to first, Miguel Cabrera stopped and pulled sharply out of running while holding his left knee. He was not able to walk off the field by himself, so was the assisted off the field by his trainers. 

It is said to be a left calf strain and he was scheduled to get an MRI to assess the possible damage that has or can occur. After looking into the issue further, the Tigers have chosen to place Cabrera on the 15-day DL. Was this injury serious enough to put Cabrera on the DL, or was It just safety precautions? 

Cabrera is said to be the heart off the Tigers’ lineup and it will affect the team more than just replacing his spot in the lineup.

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