Rodriguez Surpasses Mays on HR List

Cheater, liar, villain.  These are all adjectives that have been used to describve Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez.  When Rodriguez went into the 2015 season, after being reinstated by the MLB, he emphasized that his goal was to have fun, and enjoy every minute he could.

Baseball stadiums across the nation have notoriously booed Rodriguez, but you wonder how he has maintained his composure.  The secret may be that Rodriguez has been able to stay humble through his course, and focus on hitting a baseball rather than seeking approval from the nation.

With the hate received by millions of fans across America, it would be a shock to many of how well he is producing at 39 years of age.   Rodriguez finds himself second in the team in home runs this season, only trailing Mark Teixeria, who has been a wildfire when it comes to racking up runs for the Yankees this season.

At Yankee Stadium a few days ago, Rodriguez maintained the exact composure mentioned earlier, and surpassed one of the biggest milestones in MLB history, passing Willie Mays for fourth place on the home run list.

If you ask an unbiased sports fan about Rodriguez and the home run milestone, you’d hear responses like “he didn’t earn it”, but with all the heat critics have handed to the Yankees player, you can’t help but be impressed with the production he has done for his self-image, as well as the talent he has brought to the table

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