2015 MLB Wild Card Predictions


Sunday marked the end of the Major League Baseball (MLB) season, with a wild card spot still up for grabs. The Houston Astros were able to clinch the last wild card spot in the American League (AL). The stage is set, the matchups are almost set in stone, and we’re ready to go. October is such a special month for sports: Football, Basketball season begins, as well as Hockey, and Baseball playoffs. What more could we fans ask for? So, myself, Tristin McKinstry, Devon Withers, Steven Parker, Martin Lee, and Reese Nobles have our predictions. Here we go:

American League Wild Card: New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros

Devon Withers: “7-4 Yankees win here. Although the Yankees have dropped 6 of their last 7 games of the regular season, the pitching staff is due for a big game. The team has been an inconsistent roller coaster, but they’ll be alright for this one.”
Steven Parker: “4-1 Astros Dallas Keuchel at the mound for the ‘Stros. Tanaka on for the Yankees. Good pitching battle in this one”
Martin Lee: “Astros 8-6 It’s going to be a good serious Astros are a team nobody expected to be in the playoffs the team had an amazing run having one of the best records in the league it all went downhill for them but they still managed to make the playoffs then we got the Yankees who are playoff veterans Astros look like a team that is on the rise so that push and drive of the young Astros team will help them beat the Yankees”
Tristin McKinstry: 7-5 Astros. I think that, even with their recent struggles, the Astros know they’ve come to far for a one and done show. The young guns play their hearts out and edge baseball’s golden team.
Reese Nobles: “Astros 5-3 Keuchel is the second best pitcher in the AL and if he can get them off to a good start before turning it over to the bullpen then they will win”

National League Wild Card: Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Devon Withers: “Cubs by a score of 8-3. Jake Arrieta is arguably the most deserving candidate for the Cy Young award and the defense has been just as good as their ace. Holding their opponents to 9 runs in their last 8 games, the Cubs need to do what they have been doing all season long.”
Steven Parker: “Cubs 5-2. Another good pitching duel. Arrieta has the edge with his defense and their bats backing them up”
Martin Lee: “Cubs 9-2 the team has one of the best young players in the league Jake Arrieta expect him to dominate giving the cubs the win”
Tristin McKinstry: 7-2 Pirates. I have a hard time believing that the Pirates will lose this game. Yes, Jake Arrieta has been one of the best NL starters all season. Yes, he’s my pick for Cy Young. However, Pittsburgh has a great pitcher in Gerrit Cole. I believe he goes deep and the bats come alive. Pirates move on
Reese Nobles: “4-1 Cubs. Arrieta is the best pitcher in the NL and the youth of the Cubs is going to play great”

If you add it all up, we predict the Astros (4 to 1) and Cubs (4 to 1) to win their respective wild card games. The Cubs would face the Cardinals and the Astros would take on the Blue Jays.

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