2015-2016 Was A Positive Year For The Jets


Bill Wippert/Associated Press

A lot of Jet fans are still recovering from the devastating loss against the Buffalo Bills, the team led by former Jets head coach Rex Ryan to add insult to injury. They say to always look to the positive side of everything. So, I decided to go through the woods of adversity, and find a couple diamonds for fans to smile about.

First of all, the defense is proved to be absolutely great and that great defense won’t be going anywhere. Brandon Marshall proved to be a wonderful wide receiver for the Jets. He’s going to be there. The Jets are a couple steps away from making a real playoff run.

Do we know if Ryan Fitzpatrick is the answer at QB? It’s hard to tell whether or not he can lead them into a serious playoff run, let alone a Superbowl. What we do know is he performed better at QB then anyone the Jets have had in a long time. After the career year, he will likely command a pretty solid contract. However, if we the Jets are willing to pay, and build around in other areas, then who is to stop the Jets?

If all else fails, there is one more thing that we can hope for. In fact, the AFC East can look forward too. Tom Brady. The same man that has shut down the AFC East for all these years, will be the same person that opens it all up. Tom Brady is 38 years old. He may be around for a couple more years, but its safe to say that the clock is ticking. Without Tom Brady, the AFC East will be opened up.

One day, Tom Brady will ride off to sunset. Until then, the Jets have to keep improving on there weak spots, and improve on the rather productive year they had in 2015.

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