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15 Predictions for Pro Wrestling in 2022


In the past year, we witnessed the return of live crowds for a lot of promotions. In the upcoming year, we are looking forward to some more events. Here, we prediction some things that could very well occur in 2022:

15. Randy Orton Turns on Matt Riddle, Sets Up WrestleMania Clash (WWE)

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle are currently on a four-month reign as Raw Tag Team Champions. There is always that lingering question, however, whether Orton will he turn on Riddle. The WWE will need new feuds ahead of WrestleMania as part of their two-night event for the third year consecutive year. A feud between Orton and Riddle would be a treat for the WWE universe. We could have seeds planted as early as this upcoming week, as Riddle team’d up with MSK against Imperium on NXT 2.0 and Orton and Riddle lost on Raw to Chad Gable and Otis which could have Orton questioning where Riddle’s loyalties are.

14. MJF Dethrones Hangman Adam Page at Double or Nothing (AEW)

MJF is currently in a feud with CM Punk, which may be wrapped up at Revolution in February. Adam Page is in his own respective feud with Bryan Danielson, as he defeated him to retain his Championship on January 5. One can only assume that Danielson will talk his way into a trilogy match at Revolution. If Page makes it out of Revolution as Champion, the one person to hand CM Punk his first loss in AEW should be MJF. In this prediction, Page and MJF would start their own feud leading up to Double or Nothing. MJF may win himself a Championship in AEW, setting up his legacy to be one of the future pillars of the company.

13. Shingo Takagi Wins G1 Climax Tournament (NJPW)

Over the last two years, the G1 Climax has taken place in late September-to-mid-October. This year, it is on track to return to its normal time in the summer. With that, the pick to win it this year is Shingo Takagi, who lost his Championship on January 4 to Kazuchicka Okada. However, I’m predicting a rebound for Takagi in winning the G1 Climax Tournament, making him the top contender for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at the 2023 Wrestle Kingdom.

12. Windham Shocks the World, Signs with Impact Wrestling (IMPACT)

This would be a surprise, as most expect Windham to sign with AEW or return to the WWE. However, Impact has improved over the past few years, and this would be a massive signing. There have been unconfirmed reports that Windham was done with wrestling, but that remains to be confirmed.

11. Kenny Omega Returns as a Face, Leads to Young Bucks & Adam Cole Turning on Him (AEW)

Many seem to believe that Cole will stay with reDragon when Omega returns, but there is a feeling out there that reDragon will go on their own as a team and Cole will have the Bucks at his side. If Omega returns as a face, it’s the perfect time for the trio to turn on Omega and set up an Adam Cole versus Kenny Omega feud for the summer.

10. AJ Styles Wins the Royal Rumble

At the moment, this may seem dormant, as Styles is in a feud with former bodyguard Omos and in a separate feud with NXT 2.0’s Grayson Waller. Styles has never won a Royal Rumble and it is coming down to the end of his WWE contract, which he claims will be his last contract in wrestling. Styles being back in the main event scene would be huge for the WWE, as he is a fan favorite.

9. Hook will win the TNT Championship (AEW)

Hook has been the talk of the town since his debut and has quite the fan base. In fact, Hook dethroned CM Punk as AEW’s top merchandise seller. Hopefully AEW doesn’t rush Hook right away, as he seems to be a natural in the ring. If he can show he can work a proper feud rather than just having squash matches, then AEW should think about giving Hook a run with the TNT Championship.

8. Josh Alexander Dethrones Moose of Impact World Championship at Slammiversary (IMPACT)

Josh Alexander realized his life-long dream in October was to defeat Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship. However, Moose had other plans when he took the belt, cashing in his title opportunity right after Josh Alexander won the championship. At this time, both Moose and Alexander are in their own respective feuds, but it’s certain their paths will cross again.

7. Ring of Honor Won’t Make Comeback in April (ROH)

At the end of October, Ring of Honor released all of their roster and announced a restart for the company. The company completed their final show in December, but it will he extremely difficult for a restart to occur in April. Their larger talent has departed to competing organizations. The roster will be to depleted for a restart and could make for a near disaster.

6. Kazuchicka Okada to Appear on AEW Dynamite (AEW)

Okada is NJPW’s superstar and we have seen a solid partnership between AEW and NJPW to this point. Talents such as KENTA, Minoru Suzuki, Tomohiro Ishii, and more have appeared on Dynamite. We could see Okada appear on Dynamite during a down period for NJPW, especially if the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament returns to its normal month. As for a potential opponent, Okada would match up well against either Danielson or Punk on Dynamite this year.

5. Seth Rollins Wins WWE Championship Before Summer Slam (WWE)

This doesn’t look as likely with Brock Lesnar winning the title at the Day 1 show on January 1, but I do see gold in Seth Rollins’ future on Raw. Rollins could be the Money in the Bank winner, or may insert himself into a No. 1 contenders match. He has been on quite the run since returning last January and deserves to be commended for his hard work.

4. New Japan Pro Wrestling Reintroduces the IWGP Intercontinental Championship (NJPW)

Last year, NJPW unified the Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships to the displeasure of the fans. The United States and Never Open Weight Championships didn’t feel “big enough” to fill the secondary championship role. There could even be a story line here to drive Kota Ibushi towards a heel turn, as it was his idea to retire the Intercontinental Championship.

3. Bryan Danielson, CM Punk Begin Feud (AEW)

At some point during the year, we need to see a Bryan Danielson and CM Punk feud. Danielson is playing the heel role in his feud with Adam Page, while Punk has been a top baby face for AEW since he returned to wrestling last August. This won’t be the first time the two have feuded, most notably in the WWE back in 2012. This would be a game-changing feud for AEW and their fan bases would certainly support it.

2. AEW Allows Bryan Danielson to Compete in Japan (AEW, NJPW)

Since joining AEW, Danielson has mentioned that he would love to work in Japan at some point if given the opportunity to do so. If New Japan runs their G1 Climax Tournament back in its normal time slot, we could see Danielson possibly emerge as a participant.

1. WALTER Dethrones Roman Reigns as Universal Champion

There have been rumors that WALTER will be joining the main roster at some point this year and there would be no better place for him to do so than on SmackDown. He could build himself up throughout the year until he is ready to challenge Roman Reigns. We just hope the WWE doesn’t rush the development of WALTER.

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